We’re proud of our work and the class-leading quality it yields. Our promise to do and be the best we can runs through our company and everything we do – it’s the Hardy way.


    Our products are only ever going to be as good as the materials they’re made from. We won’t compromise our hard work with anything less than the best high grade certified steel, developed over many years with our partners and expert metallurgists enabling us to produce a blade with excellent tensile strength, edge retention and resistance to wear and abrasion.


    Products and their processing never leave our site – they are designed, made, tested and inspected right here in our Liverpool factory, and marked with a unique stamp, so they’re fully traceable right back to the raw material. From beginning to end it’s our own rigorous standards that ensure we’re happy to put our name to every blade that leaves the factory.


    We understand that even the finest of details matter, something reflected in our inspection and testing processes, in our service and customer care and in everyday work practices. Hardy today owes everything to our attention to detail – you don’t get to be 160 years old without obsessing.


    We service a global market, managing both a complex export operation and working with partners overseas to ensure locally available stock where appropriate. Everything is packaged to ensure it arrives in the same pristine condition it left in, as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


    It’s only by constantly reviewing how we can improve our processes and products that we’ve endured this long. Technology is always evolving, so we can never rest and our investment in research and innovation is core to our business.


    We do all of this because you want to assure to your customers that they are getting the best. Our pride in our work means you can trust Hardy to deliver, so you can make your promises with confidence.

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Features and Benefits

Hardy UK precision baldes are munufactured from the highest quality raw materials through to high precision manufacturing and finishing, and backed up up our customer care which is second to none. We are, therefore, confident that we can consistently offer the following features and benefits of our products and services.

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    • Features

    • Benefits

    • 1095 allows a hardness of 64 – 66 Rockwell C, ensuring maximum life and highest quality shave.
    • Maximum possible yield resulting in best return on investment. 2 or 3 times the yield of low cost blades and sometimes much more.
    • Consistent high quality raw material sourced from Europe.
    • Highest initial cost, highest possible yield = lowest cost of ownership.
    • Best edge retention capacity means the blade consistently performs throughout it’s full height.
    • Blade produces highest quality of shave consistently through the full useable height reducing downstream chemical and additional process cost.
    • Transition zone ensures the blades have a much softer portion where the blade sits in the cylinder groove to aid deblading and improving the flexibility of the blade where it matters.
    • Ensures the blade is forgiving in abnormal circumstances and speeds up deblading whilst improving operator safety.
    • Precision blade profile through manufacturing expertise and excellence.
    • Eliminates variable quality ensuring consistency in performance and expectations.
    • Blades have correct geometry each time and will not be stressed when inserting into the cylinder groove thereby decreasing reblading time and eliminating the risk of damage or injury.
    • Simplifies reblading and does not add stresses thereby increasing blade life and eliminating damage or injury.
    • Rigorous quality processes including double hardness testing, geometry, profile and batch-match.
    • Guarantees blade integrity prior to shipment. Quality is HARDY’s responsibility, not our customer’s!
    • Fully traceable from raw material production. High performance coating provides protection against oxidation and further protected by wax-impregnated wrapping sheet.
    • Can be stored for longer periods ensuring stock is available for use when needed.
    • Shipped in high quality wooden packaging suitable for land, sea and air freight.
    • Significantly reduces the risk of transport damage, which outside of the control of HARDY and our customer.
    • Shortest industry standard lead times – usually ex stock UK or 2 weeks maximum.
    • HARDY stocks so our customers do not need to thereby ensuring rapid availability.
    • Export expertise.
    • Ensures documentation is precise and eliminates customs and transport delays.
    • Local representation from a global company.
    • HARDY only appoints trusted partners to provide local service and support.
    • Application expertise.
    • On-site training available to help customers maximise all the advantage of a HARDY PRECISION BLADE.
    • Continual investment.
    • HARDY adopts a culture of improving our products and manufacturing techniques to ensure our customers benefit from advances in technology.
    • Customer focused.
    • HARDY is easy to do business with and values our customers more than anything else; we will always do what is right.