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What an absolute pleasure it was to be back in Milan for the 2021 imagining of Tanning Tech. Moved to new dates in September (no longer in freezing February!) we took the opportunity to change up our arrangements by lodging in Como instead of our traditional accommodation around the Milano Centrale area.

Enjoying the climate and hospitality is great, but we were really there in support of our expo host, Simac Tanning Tech and the global leather industry. And finding that Hardy was the only shaving and fleshing blade producer to attend the show, we were delighted by the warm reception we received, particularly from our close friends from machine building contingent.

There were many stories shared of slow responses and long lead times being experienced when trying to acquire blades from other sources. But we were able to offer some comfort as Hardy carries plentiful stocks available on short lead times, often 2-3 days from order. The industry was not sitting back and relaxing, choosing instead to show defiance and unity and real energy in helping pushing leather “back to the future”.

Admittedly the travel restrictions brought on by SARS-CoV-2 meant that a lot of our Global business partners were not able to attend, but as the dates now look to be set for next year, we look forward to welcoming the full guest list back in September 2022.